Connect specialise in keeping you in touch, using the latest and most cost effective technology available.

Whether it is a few radios for a local event or radios for workforce teams operating in large complex locations we can provide the right radios to ensure people can communicate instantly and clearly.

We can discuss your requirements and arrange site / location visits and surveys to establish what is required and the most suitable and cost effective solution. We can also set up Free Trial use to confirm coverage.

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Service & Installations

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Our Customers

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2 Way Radio


2 Way Radio from Connect provides...

Coverage – Using the best products to achieve the right result.

Capacity – From a small number of users through to large numbers and groups of users.

Control – Allowing an open system or managing individual , group or all call users. Adding messaging, Tracking, Proof Of Attendance and reporting capability.

Cost – No expensive network and call charges.

2 Way Radio allows you to communicate instantly with one or many people at once making it not only efficient but in some cases Mission Critical.

It does not have to rely on external factors to work.

Because of this it is used in situations where maintaining communication is key to being able to function.

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