Fitted and Repeater Radios

Mobile (Fixed) Radios

Mobile radios are an essential communication tool for many industries. They are compact, robust and reliable enabling easy workforce control at the touch of a button.

Mobile units can be installed into vehicles such as cars / lorries and also commercial site equipment such as cranes, diggers, bull dozers etc. Units can be desk mounted in the office and used as a fixed mobile / dispatcher / desktop base with addition of a 240VAC / 12VDC power supply, microphone and external antenna.

A wide variety of mobile radios exist depending on requirements, including analogue, digital and trunking models that range from economical commercial radios to high tier professional MPT1327 mobiles.

Base station radio repeaters are strategically sited to significantly increase the range and flexibility (licence permitting) of a radio infrastructure. They can be used with both portable and mobile radio units including handheld walkie talkies.

A large range of PMR repeater bases are available, including analogue, digital and MPT1327 trunking models. The units can be located centrally onsite or remotely and operated from various locations including a control room, office, workshop, home or vehicle.

Power can be maintained in the event of failure by battery backup, ensuring mission critical radio repeaters stay up and continue to operate.

Fitted and Repeater Radios Brochures